Weight Loss
Exercise is a key part of any weight-loss plan. It burns calories whilst being performed, but it ALSO causes calories to be burned in the hours following the exercise session... and this is where Hypoxic (= altitude) Training can take your fitness program to new heights!

Total calorie expenditure is MORE than doubled over the 15-hour period following a 20-minute workout. So more calories are burned for less effort!

"I have a client who lost 20lbs in 9 weeks. He trains every day in the Hypoxic Room"
- Brian Mriabella, Pro Trainer at Crunch Fitness in New York

How does this happen?
Exercising in hypoxia causes an oxygen deficit in the muscles, and a shift to "anaerobic" exercise. Anaerobic exercise causes more physiological stress on the muscles than aerobic training, and greater muscle rebuilding is stimulated. This process of building and rebuilding the muscles requires a substantial amount of calories. Anaerobic exercise also induces increased production and release of growth hormone, and sex hormones, which brings multiple health and performance benefits.
The scientific proof:
A study, published in June 2000, was designed to determine changes in the metabolism, and cardiovascular risk factors hypoxic exercise training. Training involved 4 weeks of cycling exercise in a 16% Oxygen altitude-simulating environment. The exercises were performed 3 - times a week for 20 - 30 min at 70 - 80 % of maximal heart rate. Following hypoxic training there was a significant reduction in body fat. Also, the hypoxic training decreased maximal blood pressure by 10 +/- 9 mm Hg. and resting total homocysteine decreased by 11%, The authors concluded: " The stimulus of intermittent normobaric hypoxia evoked an additive cardioprotective effect, which may have important clinical implications"

These are the same conditions the Hypoxic Room System provides, and also represents the protocol we suggest . Start slowly, and build up to 20-30 minutes at a MODERATE intensity Keep exercising, just add some science and do it at altitude!

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