HRS Room Description
The patented Hypoxic Room System, or HRS, developed by Hypoxico Inc., is an extension of the time-proven hypoxic training method. It comes as a 1- or 2-user softwall enclosure (the Standard System), or can be installed in any existing room or enclosure, providing an active exercise environment ideal for strength and conditioning programs.

The Hypoxic Room System creates a hypoxic environment within the room via a patented air separation unit that continually pumps low oxygen content air into the tent. Inside the HRS the total pressure stays the same, and the oxygen content (%) reduces - so the partial pressure of oxygen is reduced. This allows the user to obtain the advantages of altitude training from any location.

The HRS for Health Clubs revolutionizes the world of conditioning for health club users. Using Hypoxico's patented technology commercial gym members are able to experience new boundaries for aerobic conditioning, weight loss and fat burning.

100% FAIL-SAFE Technology
The HRS creates a reduced oxygen environment by removing oxygen with a patented generator system. The soft-wall vinyl enclosure in which altitude is simulated is not hermetically sealed. This makes the HRS 100% safe in the event of a system failure as the enclosed environment returns to normal atmospheric conditions with no harm to its occupants.

Hypoxico, Inc is the producer of the World's most advanced altitude training systems.

Current Issued Patents
  • US# 5850833 Apparatus for hypoxic training and therapy
  • US# 5887439 Hypoxic cleanroom systems for industrial applications
  • US# 5799652 Hypoxic room system and equipment for Hypoxic training and therapy at standard atmospheric pressure
  • US# 5924419 Apparatus for passive hypoxic training and therapy
  • US# 5964222 Hypoxic tent system
  • Further patents, US and worldwide, currently pending

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