Hypoxic Training; A History

The use of oxygen-depleted air for training, physical improvement and curing illnesses is not new. Esculapius, the "blameless physician" of Greek myth and father of Hygiene, was said to have built his healing temple the mountains. Indians prepared their future chiefs in a hypoxic environment to make then stronger than their peers. Highland natives, like those of the Caucasus Mountains, are famed for living far beyond 100 years.

Hypoxic training highland regions became popular the world over since the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968, and is conducted today by many runners, boxers, swimmers and other athletes. Russian athletes use crude, uncomfortable breathing systems with respiratory masks. Still, according to the Hypoxica Medical Journal of Geneva, Switzerland, and Moscow, Russia, improvements in performance of up to 40% have been observed from even these methods!

Still others sleep is hypobaric chambers (imagine being stuffed into an unopened tennis ball can). The U.S. Olympic swimming team employs hypoxic training in the mountains and in a hypobaric chamber, which helped them win many gold medals in Atlanta.

A test done by J.P. Partand of the Cycling Times found improvement in performance after using the Hypoxic Room System for only a month. Marathon runner Sydney Brito, after using the HRS for only 3 weeks, cut an astounding 2 minutes off his 10-mile run! And according to Men's Journal, cyclist David Jordan saw his V02 max (a gauge of the body's ability to utilize oxygen during exercise) jump significantly, from 68 to 71, and cut his training time in half! Crunch Fitness trainer John Mitchell watched as a client dropped an astonishing 44 lbs., only by using the HRS!

Russian scientists have proven that hypoxic training boosts the immune system, and it is already employed in the treatment of a wide array of illnesses including allergies and heart disease (see medical info). According to the British magazine Cancer News, hypoxia even kills cancer cells! Hypoxico Inc. envisions using the HRS in the future for medical purposes

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