HRS Benefits
The Hypoxic Room System (HRS) specifically trains the aerobic systems of the body just as a weight lifting regime trains specific muscle groups. The benefits of enhanced aerobic efficiency have given hundreds of elite athletes the competitive edge over their rivals:
  • Improves endurance and strength up to 40%
  • Reduces recovery time after sprinting/anaerobic efforts
  • Maintains fitness even when injured with lower intensity exercise
  • Develops more tissue capillarity, delivering more oxygen and energy substrates to the muscles
  • Reduced perceived exertion for a given workload
  • Reduced blood lactate at a given workload
  • Shortens work out time
  • Increases oxygen uptake and delivery
The Results
Hundreds of elite athletes and sports teams use Hypoxic Training Systems to dramatically improve their aerobic efficiency.
  • Manchester United FC, English and European Soccer Champions
  • Liverpool FC, English Soccer Premier League Team
  • Renault Formula One Racing Team
  • Cleveland Indians MLB
  • US Olympic Swim Team
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